The canine temp who brightens your day.


What we do.

We bring our canine buddy Max to your office in Vancouver, BC to hang out with staff for office breaks and adult recess.


We want to make employees happier, one office at a time. Research shows that patting dogs increases happiness and decreases stress.



Who are we?

We are two entrepreneurs who met at a stand up comedy show. We've been great friends ever since. 


Aisha, Co-founder

What Aisha lacks in culinary skills she makes up for with enthusiasm for her dog Max. When Aisha isn’t talking to Max about the big questions about life, she is working on best practices for AODEWEC – Answering OfficeDog Emails While Eating Cookies.

Max, Co-founder/Dog

Max is an off-leash thinker who likes to hit the ground running. A fan of beer Fridays and getting paid in experience, Max is the star of OfficeDog and visits offices to teach staff the importance of self-love, having fun and stashing cookies where no one can find them – ever.

Rachel, Co-founder

A self-professed office expert and cubicle whisperer, Rachel believes strongly in the power of increasing your Canine Positive Office Index score, or CPOI. She'll help you MAXimize CPOI to exponentially increase ROI (i.e.: happiness).


Reward Employees

Recognizing employees increases staff retention.

Increase Productivity

Taking playful breaks helps you re-energize, re-focus and get more done.

Decrease Stress

Laughing decreases stress. Small, fluffy dogs encourage this effect.

Book your visit with Max.



Drop in
$60/30 mins

Book a one-time drop in. Starting at $60. 

A percentage of visit fees will be donated to local non-profits supporting animal welfare. 

Pass Pack
$275/5 visits

Buy a pack of 5 visits and save.  Starting at $275.

A percentage of visit fees will be donated to local non-profits supporting animal welfare.